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I’ve Caught the Bug!

April 25, 2017

I have a number of hobbies, and need a new one like a hole in the head. I’ve nixed my raging desire to try my hand at soap making, and also candle making, for this reason.

I did indulge in my love of aromatherapy by committing to certification courses in the discipline. But, I don’t consider that as much a hobby as I do a necessary life skill. I say that because, as someone who has lived life-long with depression, I’ve found aromatherapy to be an amazing way to ease some of the symptoms I suffer from. Sleep support, anxiety relief, and other issues are being aided by my study of aromatherapy.

However, lately, I’ve caught the Bible journaling bug. Now, unlike most who journal, I don’t have a specialized Bible for journaling. I’m far to attached to my iDevices and YouVersion app. But, as I began working with the church Instagram account, and seeing all the gorgeous Scripture pictures out there, I began drifting into the wonderful world of Bible journaling. So, instead, I have a notebook I use for my journaling, and use my iPhone or iPad during services to follow along on YouVersion. I will write down a Scripture or two that draws my special attention during worship, then later, plan it out in a sketch.

I’ve gone a little crazy with supplies, because my daughter is artsy and we’ve had some great “Girl Time,” shopping for supplies (she actually does have a journaling Bible).

I’ve improved a wee bit since this very first effort:


I’m hooked for now, though! I look forward to seeing how these efforts progress. I will never be a Michelangelo, but I am definitely enjoying a new way to study the Word!

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