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Negotiating A Peace Treaty

June 2, 2014

Sibling rivalry is never fun: the tattling, the arguing, and yes, sometimes crossing the line into hitting. This is true under normal circumstances. When you have children who have additional challenges beyond just regular sibling stuff, as we do in our blended adoptive home, along with other medical issues, it can get downright Ugly. Today, after percolating, festering, brewing, and escalating, it moved into Beyond Ugly.

This morning was the straw that broke Mama Camel’s back. I was doing some pre-taping for our African-American Conservatives radio show. The Three (15, 12.5, and 11) were supposed to be getting breakfast and getting dressed. Something so simple turned into a huge mess, with funky attitudes and misconceptions all around. It permeated our whole morning and part of our afternoon, even after we deconstructed it, and I helped them each see where their individual part derailed the speeding train before finally wrecking it.

Finally — because this has been such an issue for so long, and just isn’t getting any better — I did what I often do (and get collective groans from The Three for it!), I turn it into A Teachable Moment. Since we had missed so much of homeschool this morning, I decided to make them each Head of State for three individual, but warring nations. I have decreed that there will be no TV, Wii, electronics — no fun! — until they negotiate a peace treaty. They will make offers, concessions, provisions, etc. and sign (no, not in blood). King Dad and I will review the ratified document, which cannot violate Scripture or our rules for the house. We will set out consequences for violations, with input from the Heads of State. Then, it becomes codified and must be obeyed.

My youngest asked a lot of clarifying questions, but in the end, came up with something profound, as is often the case with him. He said, “So, it’s like a Covenant?” I agreed that was a wonderful analogy. He went on to say, “Then that means we can’t break it.” That’s the spirit, kid, that’s the spirit!

After the treaty is negotiated, they can come up with country maps, a language, flags, etc. but the treaty is paramount.

This could be sheer brilliance or utter madness! Let’s pray for the former, and prepare for the latter.


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