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December 17, 2012

They say kids love getting mail addressed to them, but clearly, that joy never fades as you get older (except when said mail contains bills or junk mail!). Today, was a bonanza here at Casa Stro!

With three kids who eat a lot (and then eat some more!) . . . uh, growing kids, I should be more coupon-y and frugal like my friend Peggy, and lots of other crafty Mamas in my Mama Posse. But, when I like (or in the cases in this post . . . love!) a product, I often drop the company a line, or give them a shout-out via social media.

Thus, without further ado (and because you can’t hear the girl squeal emanating from me!), look what I got in today’s mail!

First up was swag from a Klout Perk via Tillamook! Now, when I first found out it was coming, I was really, really excited and tweeted all about it on Twitter . . . and got back several personalized responses from their social media team (including links to videos in their online kitchen!). Well, my perk arrived today and blew me away with the “girnormous-ness” of it all:

swag 005

Contents: three coupons for their yogurt (not “cents off” but for FREE), toppings (granola, trail mix with dried cherries, and chocolate, but, uh, somehow the chocolate, um, well…okay, I ate it already!!!), mason jar to shake it all up in, recipe cards, a (very soft!) t-shirt and tote! Yay, me & yay, Tillamook! #TillaYum

Next up, I got a couple of $1.00 off coupons from Genesis Juice! A couple of months ago, The Teen had an all day session for high schoolers at a nearby university. We stopped in at Whole Foods to get some lunches to go and I grabbed some Ginger Lemonade. I have to tell you: 1) I savored it. I did. I honestly was sad when I drank the last drop; and 2) because I loved it so much, I tried to find it at another store and couldn’t, so I bought another brand’s organic ginger lemonade . . . and my tastebuds still haven’t forgiven me (and I think the bottle may even still be languishing in the fridge because I couldn’t even pawn it off on my kids!).

So, while waiting for my son at the university session, I pulled up my trusty iPad, and signed up for coupons like I read about on the Genesis Juice label. Thus, I expected the coupons, but not the nice note 🙂

swag 004

Monday was mail-tastic for this Mama 😉

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