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Fantasy Football – and Sweepstakes!

September 21, 2012

#1 in my division, bay-bee!

Fantasy Football season is in full swing here at Casa Stro! For the past seven seasons or so, my husband and I have been in leagues together. This year, we have another Stro joining the ranks — my oldest son! In fact, he beat me in the first game of this season!

I love Fantasy Football season! For every year in recent history that I can remember, the annual Draft Night festivities have been at our house. That’s mainly because a prerequisite for Draft Night is “manly food” and my world famous tacos not only qualify, trades depend on them! My husband has been told — point blank — that if he wants to trade with any of the guys, he has to guarantee that I will make them! I’m not sure how this food ritual got started, but some of the other leagues that my husband participates in are very fussy on this point. One year, some poor guy brought a salad his wife made and he was called names I cannot print here, but suffice it to say his “man-card” was called into serious question!

This year, however, someone else is hosting our Fantasy league. I have been “Mama Commish” (and the only woman) in our leagues for several seasons, so it’s nice to have a breather just to enjoy the games . . . and the smack talk! I drafted two teams this year: one for my son (who couldn’t make the draft due to a schedule conflict), and my own team. So, technically, I beat myself the first week! This past week, I had the highest scoring team in the whole league at 196.86 points! My husband (also in my division) and son (currently first in his division) followed, making us the Top Three, and the teams to watch out for this year!

Our Sundays have a very familiar pattern to them: hubby and I wake up early and turn on NFL GameDay on the NFL Network to check out any game day decisions for starting players, injuries, or any other information that may effect our starting lineups. Afterward, we attend morning services at church (with a little bit of smack talk beforehand with friends of ours in the league), then home to watch the games. Later we head back to church for evening services, after which we either gloat over our wins, or commiserate with those who lost.

Food comes into play once again on Monday nights. For Monday Night Football, nachos are mandatory! We are huge proponents of the family dinner table, so we rarely have the TV on during dinner. Yet, during football season, on Monday nights, the game is most definitely turned on while we dig into our “macho nachos.”

Though I’ve never won a championship yet, I’ve come very, very close. Hopefully, this is the year Knitty Gritty wins it all! Beware my mighty needles!

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Though this post contains my original and true content, I was selected and compensated by Pepsi, the sponsor of this sweepstakes.

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