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Parenting Brilliance via Social Media – Flashmob Cleaning

July 8, 2012

Sometimes parenting inspiration comes from the strangest places at the oddest times. This morning as I was getting ready for worship services, I thought about ways to get the kids (and, frankly, little ole ADD me!) excited about straightening up. Enter #Flashmob Cleaning ((tm)….LOL!)

Any member of the family can yell, “Flashmob!” and everyone has to jump to it and clean for 5 minutes (usually while some song approximately five minutes in length plays. Today’s music was “Karma” courtesy of Kamelot!). You have to stop whatever you are doing, and everyone has to participate (parents included!). You can straighten up your room or the common areas. There are a few rules around it (to make sure people don’t get bent out of shape and so it’s not a squabbling match, defeating the whole purpose):

  • Only one Flashmob a day
  • The same person cannot call it every time (you can’t call it again until everyone has had a turn to call one
  • It cannot be during anyone’s alloted electronics time (I can see it used to boot someone off so they get their turn, squabbles about “my game getting messed up (e.g. losing a “life”), or someone having to stop or pause thus having a “froward brow” the rest of the day!)
  • Flashmobs cannot be called when Mom or Dad are on the phone for work
  • No “new” assignments: my youngest often tries to usurp chores the older ones do as an “experiment.” We can try that out at another time, this is supposed to be very quick stuff

That’s about it! We tried it today and it was tons of fun! It was fabulous exercise and we got more done than you would think in just five minutes!

Our family, after our nightly prayers, does a cheer for our family touting our togetherness as a team. This activity certainly reinforced that concept and made us all work hard for the benefit of the team as a whole!

Okay, that’s probably about as much “parenting brilliance” as I have for today! It was such a great family time that I thought I would share! If you try it, let me know how it goes and what rules, if any, you came up with!

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