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Edublogs: #Eddies11 Awards – Nominating Nikkobetes

December 2, 2011

Doing the “proud mom” thing here, and asking everyone to nominate my son’s blog, Nikkobetes, for an Eddie (Edublogs Award) for Best  Student Blog.

Nikko is 13 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 2 years old. He’s been a pioneer in many a diabetes trial, he’s blogged for several years (though only at Edublogs for the last few months to a year), and has provided support to many kids both online and off who are dealing with living with diabetes.

He is a really smart guy, having participated in Robotics since he was in first grade, and his blog really reflects Life with diabetes: he does all the things he likes to do, and his condition doesn’t hold him back. Yet, he talks about his condition openly and honestly, and tries to help others during a time where many rebel against the condition and either go into denial or refuse to take care of themselves.

I’m really proud of my son and hope that if you find him as amazing and inspirational as I do, you will help his blog win this award! Here’s the site where you can nominate his blog, Nikkobetes, and get all the details: Edublog Awards.

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