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Strozapalooza 3!

July 31, 2010

Today is the third annual celebration of that special family-created holiday known as “Strozapalooza.” A “palooza” is something big that you just keep adding to, until it becomes this awesome extravaganza. Strozapalooza is no different: It marks the day my two youngest became official members of our family via adoption!

Being that by its very nature, “Strozapalozza” celebrates big things that get bigger, it’s a pretty big day in what we do, not just in its momentous importance!

However, today was spent celebrating something else: the life of a wonderful man and gospel preacher. Our minister passed from this life last week, and today was the memorial service. Most of the day was spent with amazing church family. The same church family that welcomed my children into their embrace three years ago. The same church family that is still pouring out messages of celebration, congratulations and support on Facebook as I write this!

So, whereas we did a few things in private, and are about to engage in a little post-what-should-be-bedtime-on-a-church-night game of Rock Band Wii, we will continue to celebrate over the next few days.

Family is about flexibility. Family is about knowing that despite whatever is going on in life, you know you have special people you can count on. Today has been that, and always will be.

It’s Strozapal00za! Cheers!

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