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The "Audacity" of Hope

January 27, 2009

Despite his campaign on the dual platform of “Hope” and “Change,” in his first week in office, Mr. Obama has backpeddled or outright broken many of his promises:

Mr. Obama had nothing but harsh criticism for Sarah Palin’s “inexperience” though she, a) had more executive experience than he; 2) walked her talk (taking on corruption in her own party (when has anyone ever seen that?),  and living a life in keeping with her pro-life views when challenged with a situation that might cause many to contemplate terminating a life).

What did Mr. Obama do? He appointed a man known to have evaded paying his taxes (remember, paying taxes is “patriotic”!), and only paid up when he “got caught.” This is a man of suspect moral fiber. Yet, Mr. Obama wants him to be head of even more money, when it has been proven he cannot adequately manage his own according to the established laws of the land (the very laws he will have a hand in shaping and is bound to uphold).

Mr. Obama criticized a woman who took on corruption in her own party, yet nominated a man he felt was the “most qualified” for the job. That reeks of one of two things: Outright partisanship, the very thing Mr. Obama decries in this whole “change is coming” routine; or 2) Mr. Obama does not have good judgment (a very bad quality in a President, no?)

2) Part of his campaign promises included a whole diatribe about “special interest groups” and made a big public spectacle of eschewing public money for his campaign. So why in his first week of “hope & change” would he seek an exception to his own rule about anyone who has been a lobbyist holding public office, so he can nominate one to the Pentagon? Broken promise #2: No special interest groups.

3) He provided a very flippant answer about the sanctity of life (“above my pay grade”), he now has the pay grade to legally (not morally) make that determination. Rather than “find our common ground” on the abortion issue, as he promised, he takes taxpayer money (knowing how many feel because it was done the day after the March for Life), to fund abortions, and not even here, but for citizens abroad. We’re in a recession/depression, and he’s talking tax hikes out of one side of his mouth and spending freely on something that 1) had not been funded in awhile (thus, savings by attrition), 2) was done without discussion with anyone in opposition to find any common ground.

I’m sorry. I do not see the hope in this, nor share the feelings of “hope and change”. I will pray for Mr. Obama daily because he is my president. I feel blessed to live in a country where I can differ and have the right to say so. I agree with those who say God has placed him in office, because the Bible tells us so in Romans 13. But, it remains to be seen if he was placed in office for good, or as a punishment. Remember, the Isrealites of the Old Testament asked for a king, and God allowed them one, but so they could see it was not a man’s rule they needed.

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